Evenings and weekends at Confluence Park offer opportunities for appreciation and celebration of our vibrant contemporary and historic culture. Less than half a mile from Mission Concepcion, the park sits along the pathway connecting the San Antonio Missions UNESCO World Heritage Site. Programmed events span community interests, making the park a gathering place for all.


The San Antonio River Foundation’s investment in Confluence Park provides a world-class innovative outdoor classroom for the region. A venue where educators can provide hands-on scientific environmental educational experiences, the park offers a life-sized tool to inspire students. Through the Education Endowment, the Foundation is able to offer facilities free of charge to school systems, including the availability of free transportation for schools that otherwise could not afford to participate. This convergence of resources eliminates financial barriers, ensuring equal access to the park.


Designed by Lake | Flato ArchitectsMatsys, and Rialto Studio, park elements include a site-wide water catchment system, which takes advantage of the pavilions’ geometric design to collect rainwater and feed it into an underground water storage system. This reservoir is the sole source of water used in the park, with the exception of sinks and drinking fountains. Additionally, the multi-purpose Estela Avery Education Center has a green roof providing thermal mass for passive heating and cooling. A photovoltaic array provides 100% of the energy use for the project when measured over a yearly basis. These features allow Confluence Park to be an energy neutral space, eventually giving power back to the electric grid. The park’s master plan by Ball-Nogues Studio, and Rialto Studio includes five landscape ecotypes found regionally. This native planting is suited for San Antonio’s climate, requiring less water and care as well as attracting fundamental pollinators like Monarch butterflies.


With easy access to the Mission Reach, the country’s largest urban environmental restoration project and the city’s only Texas Parks and Wildlife designated Inland Paddling Trail, and home to a SWell Cycle bike-share hub,the park is an inviting gateway to the hiking, biking and paddling trails.  The variety of facilities available daily provide dedicated space for private or public programs and events. Or, people can come to the park on their own or with family and friends to relax, play, and connect with each other and nature.

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