Padre Park

Saturday, April 22, 2023

The San Antonio River Foundation, and the San Antonio River Authority, invite you to participate in the Official Kayaking Event of Fiesta San Antonio, the Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta on Saturday, April 22nd, at Padre Park from 10:00 am-2:00 pm.
With equipment supplied by Mission Kayak, attendees will have the opportunity to choose between two different kayaking routes this year, the 1-hr Piñata Paddle starting at 9am and the 20-min Pollinator Paddle Obstacle Course!
  10am start time!
     * $20- Tandem rental 
     * $10- Single Kayak rental 
     * $5- Bring Your Own kayak 
Pollinator Paddle Obstacle Course:
20-minutes of river paddling through an all-abilities pollinator themed obstacle course! Challenge yourself while you float like a butterfly or sting like a bee, tapping inflatable flowers along the way! Not feeling up to the challenge, but still want to paddle? You can skip the obstacle course and paddle at your leisure for 20-min while having a front row seat to all the fun!
      * Route is at Padre Park where Flotilla Fest is located.
      * Further details and instructions sent after registration.*
       9am start time!  (This route starts at 9am, one hour before the            official start time of Flotilla Fest).
    * $10- Bring Your Own kayak   *Still Available*
    * $20- Single Kayak rental  *SOLD OUT*
Piñata Paddle Adventure Route:
1-mile of river paddling and an exhilarating river chute upon entry to start your adventure with a thrill! It’s like a mini rollercoaster for Kayaks!
    * Route begins at VFW-Mission Park drop-in and ends at Padre                Park where Flotilla Fest is located.
    * Paddlers who rent kayaks at VFW must exit at Padre Park                  and leave kayaks with staff at Padre Park.
    * Paddlers who bring their own kayaks must turn around at                  Padre Park and paddle back to VFW to return their kayaks                to their vehicles, as there will not be river space or staff                    available to dock personal kayaks at Padre Park.
    * Further details and instructions sent after registration.
These fundraising kayaking adventures assist our efforts in bringing environmental equity and awareness to the recreational opportunities along the Mission Reach of the San Antonio River.
The Mission Reach contains 8 miles of hike and bike trails, grand pavilions, overlooks, and new water edge landings for paddle watercraft and other outdoor recreation amenities. Located on San Antonio’s Southside, the Mission Reach encourages health, wellness, and environmental stewardship.


Thank you for considering a Mission Reach Flotilla Fiesta sponsorship! We are offering many sponsorship levels, each with numerous benefits. For questions, please contact Danica Bullis at 210.317.9879 or Danica@SARiverfound.org.

Kayaking The River

10:00 am-1:30 pm

If you’re not an expert, it’s not a problem! Our section of the San Antonio River is calm and great for beginners to advanced paddlers. Don’t own a kayak? No problem! Mission Kayak will provide all the kayaking equipment needed for the event. We ask that an adult accompany children under 18. Save time and money by securing your preferred kayaking time slot now by using one of the links above!

Fiesta Medals

**Our 2023 Apple Snail Fiesta Medals have SOLD OUT!*** Please come back next year to purchase a 2023 medal!
You can’t have Fiesta without Fiesta Medals! Purchase your 2023 San Antonio River Foundation Fiesta Medals today.

Venue and Parking

Our Commitment to Sustainability

You can do your part to help us make Flotilla Fiesta the most sustainable, zero-waste, green Fiesta event of 2023, by taking alternate transportation and bringing your own reusable water bottle! Instead of your car, you can take the bus, ride a bike, or walk to the event. If you need a vehicle, it’s a great idea to carpool!

Recycling is a way each of us can do our part to be better stewards of the environment as long as we are careful not to contaminate our efforts. Contamination occurs in recycling when non-recyclables are placed in recycling. Contamination can include anything from food waste to plastic bags.

When a certain percent of a batch of recycling is contaminated, the whole batch of recycling is considered unusable and thrown away! Therefore contamination can undermine the good recycling habits of others and cause easily recyclable items to end up in landfills.

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